Coming back to their roots to celebrate their engagement was undoubtedly a precious decision for Stephanie and Antony. Corfu Island, the Ionian jewel, was the perfect match for a couple like them, radiant with grace and light.
      The Mon Repos palace offers a splendid contrast between the symmetry of its pillars and the elegance of its gardens. Stephanie’s ethereal stripped dress matched harmonically not only Antony’s suit in a soft beige, but also, the landscape’s color pallet: from the white washed stone walls to the warm royal accents of gold and red around the palace.
      Sunset’s prelude followed us while we started sailing on a boat to Vido Island, where the rehearsal dinner took place. The blue waters were the perfect frame to the evening that followed. Corfu Wedding Planner painted a dreamy picture: hues of white were incorporated in the decorations, awakening a nostalgic taste of summer. Complementing the venue and dinner table in a tender, romantic way, the florals by Rizos Garden brought forth the beauty of simplicity.
      And so the celebration of their love began, clothed in a golden light reminding them that memories are more than just a glimpse of time…