a little back story

      Like all forever loves It happens by what seems as sheer chance, and then by conviction, and soon out of utter and complete fascination. It’s feels like a metonymy, the wish to capture photographs that stand for everything beauty. 

      In my early twenties I embark on a quest to capture this beauty. My journey takes me from a scholarship in ESP to mastering still life imagery, to street and fashion photography. I can devote a book to their assets, and how empowering they all feel.

      I’m soon to realize that no matter what we believe matters most, the fulfillment of our work, the style, the good life,  or  alta moda, the essence of the world runs on one sole fuel: love!  .. the way we smile when love happens, the way we walk, the sparkle in our eyes…

      One day I’m shooting out in the street and a couple whizzes by. I snap a photo of their crossing. Their energy is powerful, nonchalant, yet so elegant. It feels like watching Hepburn and Peppard prance in the masks they shoplifted from a children’s store in NYC. I’m fascinated, moved, I know this is exactly what I want to do.

      In 2014 I work on my first wedding. They love each other like there is no tomorrow, they are thrilled and want to spend as much time shooting their portraits as possible. “We want to share them with everyone” they say. And then it hits me. Love needs to share itself with the world. Love fulfills itself when shared.

      I understand that feeling fabulous on that special day and having great images to tell the tale speaks volumes. We tune in to who we are, we understand who we are not, we get creative and express our inner selves. Since then I’ve never looked back. Instead, I look all around me, because capturing love means  going for the full 360 degrees, 365 days a year.

      the one behind the lens

      a movie buff, a classic/epic looper in fact —- a constant dreamer and a cozy lounger who will jump to any excuse to mix an Old-Fashioned  —- an incurable foodie and a cook who feels there’s nothing better to share with your loved ones than a steamy delicious dish and vino on a Sunday —– Saturdays are for little amuse-bouche,  espresso shots with my beloved, and getting the best out of life in travels near and far — that is of course when I’m not shooting beautiful brides and grooms —- a proud dad, her name is Aria, because she’s my little lion and the boss of the house.

      the boss of the house

      a lover of naps —- a prancer — sometimes a diva but, ultimately, a heart of gold

      “Ever since I walked into his life, Aristotelis’ studio aesthetics instantly improved, mind you there are plusher cushions for yours truly, and some perfect canapes arriving for my afternoon tea. You may think it is my golden locks and my distinguished manners that had Aris adopt me, but I assure you it’s my people skills and moral management that had him feel the love. Anything squeaky makes my day, and although I like to keep my paws off my hooman’s wedding photography Skype sessions, I will occasionally sneak a peek during his couple meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly. Should you decide to pay  a visit, you’ll find me available for petting, treats and welcome licks and if your pupper is to bear the ring or escorts you to the altar I’ll be the first to bark thumbs up!