Keeping forever in the now, the now into forever, fabulous weddings, a manifesto for love, freedom, great style, and fascinating things happening.

      There are thousands of ways to throw the spunkiest party ever, to marry the one you love in a place that shows off what you love, to bring your forth your heritage or your unique DNA as spouses, or go for an unconventional bent. Moments that are riveting, sublime; a collage of laughs, anticipation, unprecedented joy, and beautiful people all perfectly anchored to your connection. And where there’s connection, there’s naturally stunning photography. My philosophy comes simple as this:  your imagery should be a manifesto for love, soaked in light, fascinating as all things happening around you and inside you, a freedom to be you, sentimental, fabulous, and a little rebellious. My vital materials? YOU : Feet on the ground, head in the stars.


      She strides with a conquering step, her frank gaze sparkling, nothing could ever frighten her. Measuring out the luxuriant jungle of current trends and embraced traditions, she emerges glowing in ultimate sophistication. Her silhouette is flowing, alluring. She’s a lover of simple pleasures, a non-conformist. She is deeply in love, she’s an eternal elegante.


      There’s a sense of permanence here. His name is synonymous to taste, his signature-wit addresses both fundamentals and paradoxes. His individual road map means having forged his enduring style. He’s mantled in self-made reassurance. He’s an advocate of romance, an adventurer. He’s deeply in love, he’s an eternal elegante.


      It is a little after 5 o’clock and his grey jacket is placed carefully over the back of a chair. Her white blouse complements her bright smile. “Did you know that we came up with a recipe, so to speak, to never get bored?” she says. Facing us, a giant mirror covers a wallpapered facade. “A recipe? Do tell!” She gives him a knowing smile. “We have laughed, we have cried, but above all we have let each other grow”. He proposed on their sixth anniversary. He remembers vividly how difficult it was concentrate as they made their way from the beach to their hotel, absently listening to the chatter around, while comfortably familiar landscapes whizzed past his vision. She received a note that night. “You are my favorite person. Marry me”. She couldn’t order dinner, he had to do it because she was laughing too much”. “We’ve dreamt together and schemed together, he says, I never wanted to get married before I met her, and you know what, she’s still the one I love”, “I went to work and my friends said you’re absolutely gaga over him! They still do. He’s still the one I love”.

      _ A talk with a Pam and Ronald during their 40th anniversary.