Rumor has it that roaming the Moroccan desert is the ultimate adventure, that a couple’s kiss inside a New York city cab feels as if it jumped out of a movie sequence, that Paris in May is the ultimate sophistication, that Provence and the beauties of the South of Italy are in a constant contest with the scents of  Cecil Pinsent ‘s gardens in Sienna. Whizzing around Singapore may be a matter of minutes, but I’ll just feel the need to walk around with my couple hankering for a roti prata breakfast, discovering the sparkling metropolis and shooting their love! 

      If you’re a bit like me you’ve probably pilled up stories about places and love to compare your travel notes. The world is restless and its vivacity is calling out to us, so count me in to follow you across the globe and bottle up your best moments in fabulous images.

      My base is one of the most beautiful and most diverse wedding destinations, and yet my work as a destination wedding photographer has coupled me with footloose couples like you. Traveling keeps me on my toes, and to create a collection of images that carry the vibes of your destination is a sheer delight.

      The bridge between cultures and the truly eye-opening ways of witnessing love is my most compelling reason to pack my gear and follow you across the globe, to marvelous places where your hearts skip a beat.

      Contact me directly for an update on my upcoming travels, and even you haven’t yet booked your destination wedding event, perhaps we can meet along the way and make some magic happen.

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